About Calculating Infinity

This website was created entirely by me, Mark J. Skinner. I’m a 45 year old, open-source computer programmer, and a radical (self-taught) psychologist, specialising in ethics, sexology and (centrist) libertarianism. I strongly advocate for men’s rights, full decriminalisation of sex work, official discrimination against Muslims as per neo-Nazis, and abolition of coerced Psychiatric “treatment” (both honest and devious). I’m also a gamer who prefers single player, first person shooters.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and have been off work due to disability almost all my adult life, after finishing my university degree in computer hardware design. I’ve never been married, or had a sexual relationship, but have fucked / been fucked by over 120 sex workers (all in legal Melbourne brothels). Considering the overall state of Feminist, Media dominated, “modern” society, I call that a win. See My experience of school, sex and Psychiatry for more information.

I have a few social Media accounts, that I mostly use for posting ideas. Nb. I usually don’t feel the need to clearly indicate jokes.

Gab Minds Twitter

I only use Twitter occasionally, since it’s now clearly totalitarian. Fortunately, I’ve never had a Facebook account. I also have BitChute and YouTube channels, that I only use for watching, and occasionally commenting.

If you’re old school like me, just send me an email: marks@cinfinity.info. For privacy, messages can be encrypted with my public key, which is also available from key servers (key 1D4F493C).

If you want a copy of this entire website, with the exception of my source code, you can download this archive.