Calculating Infinity

This is the personal website of Mark J. Skinner. I have been writing serious Linux programs since 2001, and being a perfectionist, have finally managed to release two packages.

They are open-source under the GPL and LGPL, source code only, and in both XZ and gzip formats. The latest version of each package in XZ format, and its GNUPG/PGP signature (signed with my 4096 bit RSA public key), is linked below. All source-code archive files, including all previous releases, are available here.

My standards/habits for packages, dates and log files are explained here.

Startd init daemon

SysVinit is too old, while Systemd is convoluted, buggy, insecure, and against open-source. Hopefully my init system manages to strike the right balance between command line based system administration and MacOS style automation, to eventually become the standard. Included is start which is a limited command line version of startd, and udlog which translates Unix dates in log files into other formats.

Installation requires Standard Config to be installed first.

README startd_0.1.2.tar.xz startd_0.1.2.tar.xz.asc

Standard Config library

Standard Config is an alternative to getopt, and other configuration systems. It provides a simple interface for command line, config file and default options. Included is stdconfig-tool which converts config files between text and binary, converts them into HTML, and allows them to be used from scripts, and stdconfig-csrca (Standard Config C Source Archive) which allows files to be stored inside binary files, in a similar way to Windows resources (eg. icons).

Fun fact: Standard Config is used to update this website, using a config file for metadata, a makefile and a template file. Scripts are used to extract the metadata, and to construct directory listings. A config file is also used as the main source for Information taxonomy.

README stdconfig_0.1.2.tar.xz stdconfig_0.1.2.tar.xz.asc

Other work

Scientific research: Information taxonomy, A scientific analysis of “ECT”.

A few of my favourite images.