Memes and other images

My own memes

Barack Obama talking, Hillary Clinton smiling sweetly.

The original image is from a visit by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, in 2009. Of course they're not really talking about tyranny, but then again, they didn't have to. The word benefactors is a reference to Half-Life 2.

The meme was first published on 2016-01-11, via Twitter, with the caption: "If you vote for sweet, innocent, old Hillary #Clinton, you're a useful fool, who would have worshipped Hitler."

I like to think it helped Trump win the 2016 election.

Three Muslim men, and a men's rights activist.

An Israeli soldier, perhaps reflecting on the sexual hypocrisy of Islam (and religion in general).

It was first published on 2016-01-11, via Twitter, with the caption: "Three confused, third world, male #Feminists, and a men's rights activist. #Feminism #Islam #ISIS #Cologne #MRA"

Dead, Feminist, Communist, Twitter logo.

I made this, outraged, after watching the Project Veritas expose of Twitter's account deletion, shadowbanning, and arrogant contempt for privacy.

It was first published on 2018-01-16, via Gab, with the caption: "Thanks to the courage and vigilance of @Project_Veritas, the Feminists/Communists running @Twitter have been exposed as the devious, fascist, totalitarian, sexual perverts we always knew they were. The sooner this socially cancerous, blood sucking corporation goes bankrupt, the better."

It also became my Twitter profile image.

Dead, Feminist, Nazi, Twitter logo.

It was replaced as my Twitter profile image by this one on 2018-11-06, after I realised that Left and Right had basically changed places.

Those I can't take credit for

Cartoon of Muhammad fucking a sheep, while being fucked in the arse by a moon demon.

I first published this image on 2016-01-01, via Twitter, with the caption: "Psychologically accurate. We need anti-#Feminist versions. #Feminism #Islam #FeminismIsCancer #ISIS"

I later used it as my pinned tweet, from 2017-01-01 to 2018-01-16, with the caption: "The religion of Nazism is a highly representative form of Protestantism (nationalist Catholicism). Politically, Islam is the new Nazism."

A nude, human, Newton's Cradle.

I originally thought that this image was going too far, before realising that if the genders were reversed, it would still be a woman in control, and most people wouldn't find it too offensive.

I first published it on 2017-02-26, via Twitter, with the caption: "Feminist reactionaries. #GastheJokes #MSM #Feminism"